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NPO Guidelines: 

Midwest Anesthesia Group is primarily concerned with Patient-Safety. We always recommend that the safest and best practice is to have nothing to eat or drink 8 hours prior to procedure start time. However, for patients who feel they cannot fast for 8 hours, the following guidelines are the current recommendations and will be followed with absolute vigilance. Please note: Amounts of food or liquid taken by mouth are irrelevant, and are not considered when NPO Guidelines have been broken.  

8 Hours- Any solid food containing fat 

6 Hours- Any Solid food that is fat free. Also, any non-clear liquid or liquid containing fats and or acids. Examples Include (Coffee with cream, Orange Juice, smoothies) 

2 Hours- Clear Liquids. Examples include (Black Coffee, Water, Gatorade) 

I understand that avoiding food and liquids for 8 hours prior to my procedure is the safest way to put me to sleep. 

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